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4/14/2016 (Permalink)

Many believe that once carpets are professionally cleaned, they tend to get dirty faster. Why is this? It seems that it takes a couple of years before new carpets need cleaning, but why, after the professional cleaning, do the carpets look dirty in a much shorter time? Are professional cleaners causing a premature need for cleaning with the hopes of boosting business?

Absolutely not! In reality, new carpet is treated by the manufacturer with soil-resistant carpet protector, which allows the carpet to go much longer between cleanings. After about two years, the protector significantly wears off in the areas of daily use. These areas then accumulate soil much faster, as if they have never been treated with the protector.

So what is the solution? Professional carpet cleaners do not cause carpets to soil faster by cleaning them, but they can definitely prevent it! It is simple. If the cleaner restores the soil-resistant carpet protector in those high traffic areas, the carpet will go much longer before the next need for cleaning. Professional cleaners are able to reapply this protector and significantly restore the soil-resistance of the carpet. Reapplication of the soil-resistant carpet protector at the time of cleaning is paramount to restoring carpet and making that cleaning last.