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How To Flush Your Water Heater

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

Keep your water heater running well for years.

The Best Way To Keep Your Water Heater Working

The best way to keep your water heater working well is to flush out the dirt and sediment periodically. If you follow the five simple steps below, you can extend the life of your heater and reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs.

1. Shut Off the Heater

If your heater is electric, turn off the line at your circuit breaker. Turn the gas off if you have a gas heater to ensure the pilot is out.

2. Attach a Garden Hose

The garden hose should be connected to the drain valve. Make sure the open end is in an area that can handle the sediment and warm water.

3. Drain the Tank

Once you have opened the drain valve, allow the water to drain from the water heater for several minutes. To speed up the process, turn on the hot water faucet in your kitchen. After a few minutes, shut off the valve to the water supply. After the water stops, turn the water supply valve on again to quickly flush the heater and then close the valve again.

4. Turn On Water Supply

After all the valves are closed, turn the water back on. When the stream in the kitchen faucet is smooth with no air escaping, this indicates the tank is full.

5. Turn Power and Heating Element On

It’s critical to make sure the tank is full before you turn the power and heater back on. After you are sure the tank is full, turn the power to the unit back on. Then turn the heating element back on as well.
After those steps are completed, shut off the kitchen faucet. If you encounter a water leak during the water heater flush, contact a water restoration service as soon as possible.
Keep your water heater running well for years in Springdale, OH, by following these easy steps every few months.

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